Fructose intolerance? We have something against that!

Have you got a fructose intolerance or have you just been diagnosed with it and do not know exactly what to buy or eat? Here at Haseklee ... carefree eating, you will find a good selection of the most well-known brands for fructose intolerance. Even with a multiple intolerance you are in good hands with us, because we have products that are fructose-free, lactose-free, histamine compatible and gluten-free. In addition, many of our products are also sorbitol-free and a precise indication of the fructose content gives you the certainty that the food is also well tolerated. 






Why order from Haseklee ... carefree food?    


 gruener_HakenSpecification of the fructose content
gruener_HakenCompetence through own intolerances
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EU countries from 85 €
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Fructose-free and low-fructose products for all intolerances

We have selected products for all intolerances, especially in combination with fructose intolerance. You do not have to do without delicious chocolates, jams, muesli's as long as they are sweetened with rice syrup or cereal sugar.



Muesli_fructosearm_fructosefrei_barnhouse_werz Suesungsmittel_Getreidezucker_honix_reissirup



Our jam recommendation are the fruit spreads from Tom and Krissi. Homemade fructose-free fruit spreads, which are produced in a small manufactory. Tom and Krissi also produce fructose-free and lactose-free biscuits and cakes.


Marmelade_Erdbeer,_frusano,_tom_und_krissi Kekse,_fructosearm,_fructosefrei,_frusano,_werz,_tom_and_krissi


Fructose-free quality check

All products are tested extensively by us for taste and compatibility. But also the pestos from Probios, the ketchup from Frusano or the organic products from Alnavit are wonderful fructose-free and sorbitol-free alternatives.

Selected products for fructose-histamin intolerance

Here you will find histamine-compatible products with a simultaneous fructose intolerance, with information for low histamine, histamine-compatible, or whether the product should rather be tested individually.


Living with an intolerance

Here we have collected many tips and information for you.


Shipping of the products

Simply order from the comfort of your own home and the carefree package will be delivered quickly to your home by DHL. From an order value of 42 € we deliver the package free of charge.    


What ist glucose, dextrose or xylitol

Here we have compiled a detailed description of the most common sugar substitutes and sugar alcohols. With short instructions for shopping.


If you are still looking for low-fructose recipes you are in the right place

Delicious recipes, easy to recook and specially designed for fructose intolerance, some with our personal household tips. More recipes for you are still in the cooking test and will follow soon.




frufree - Organic OAKEY Spelt Oat Biscuits
2.99 * (100 g = 2.39 €)
Frusano - chocolate cookie with dark chocolate
Old price 3.99 €
3.59 * (100 g = 5.13 €)
Frusano - Organic Brownies baking mix
4.99 * (100 g = 1.08 €)
Frusano - Organic chocolate rice wafers
2.99 * (100 g = 3.00 €)
Frusano - dextrose hearts
1.59 * (100 g = 1.85 €)
Frusano - organic lemon sweet
Old price 2.99 €
2.20 * (100 g = 2.59 €)
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